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White Crystalline Strontium Carbonate Msds Approval 3.7g/Cm3 Density

White Crystalline Strontium Carbonate Msds Approval 3.7g/Cm3 Density

strontium carbonate msds

strontium salts

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Product Details
Soft Powder
Molecular Formula:
3.7 G/cm3
Melting Point:
1100 °C
Product Description

White  crystalline powder strontium carbonate CAS NO 1633-05-2 using for glass and ceramics






     Strontium carbonate (SrCO3) is a white,odorless, tasteless powder.It is the


carbonate salt of strontium that has the appearance of a white or grey powder. It


occurs in nature as the mineral strontianite.

Chemical properties



      Strontium carbonate is a white, odorless,tasteless powder.Being a carbonate,


it is a weak base and therefore is reactive with acids. It is otherwise stable and safe


to work with. It is practically insoluble in water (1 part in 100,000). The solubility is


increased significantly if the water is saturated with carbon dioxide, to 1 part in


1,000. It is soluble in dilute acids.







     Other than the natural occurrence as a mineral, strontium carbonate is


prepared synthetically in one of two manners. First of which is from naturally


occurring celestine also known as strontium sulfate (SrSO4) or by using soluble


strontium salts by the reaction in solution with a soluble carbonate salt (usually


sodium or ammonium carbonates).


For example if sodium carbonate was used in solution with strontium nitrate:



Sr(NO3)2 + Na2CO3 → SrCO3 + 2 NaNO3






Item specification
SrCO3 ≥95%
K ≤0.001%
Na ≤0.000%
Mg ≤0.001%
Fe ≤0.001%
Al ≤0.001%
Ba ≤0.05%
Ca ≤0.05%
Cl ≤0.002%
H2O ≤0.1%





►Types of powder



Strontium carbonate coarse powder


             Strontium carbonate coarse powder is used in the production of glazes, frits


and for production of strontium pigments. Another application for strontium


carbonate coarse powder is the production of special glass.


Strontium carbonate fine powder


       Strontium carbonate fine powder is used in the production of ferrites for


permanent magnets, and in Zinc electrolysis for removal of lead. Strontium


carbonate fine powder is also used in the production of strontium chromate.


Strontium carbonate granular


         Strontium carbonate granular is used in the production of display glass and


other glass. Strontium carbonate granular is also used in the metallurgy.


Strontium carbonate standard powder


         Strontium carbonate standard powder is used in the production of ferrites for


permanent magnets. Strontium carbonate standard powder is also used for the


production of glazes and enamel frits.







  • Glass substrates for displays and photovoltaic panel.
  • Special glass.
  • Ceramic frits and glazes.




 25 kg /bag 





Exposure Prevention: Prevent dispersion of dust.


Inhalation Prevention: Avoid inhalation of dust.


Skin Prevention: Protective gloves.


Eye Prevention: Wear safety goggles.


Ingestion Prevention: Do not eat, drink,or smoke during work.



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