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Soft White SrCO3 Strontium Carbonate Powder CAS 1633-05-2

Soft White SrCO3 Strontium Carbonate Powder CAS 1633-05-2

SrCO3 Strontium Carbonate

Soft White Strontium Carbonate

Strontium Carbonate Powder

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Product Details
Soft White Powder
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Melting Point:
1100 °C
Product Description


97% Strontium carbonate is the raw material for the production of strontium metal and other strontium compounds




     Strontium carbonate, whose chemical formula is SrCO3, is a fine, white powder


whose properties are similar to those of calcium carbonate (lime). SrCO3 is very


little soluble in water; it dissolves in acids, for example in hydrochloric acid,


developing carbon dioxide as follows: SrCO3 + 2 HCl -> SrCl2 + H2O + CO2.


Strontium is in the group of the alkaline earth metals .


It is non-toxic just like calcium, which is in the same group. The chemical similarity


of strontium and calcium, however, accounts for the fact that the radioactive


strontium isotopes that formed during the Chernobyl reactor accident have been


able to deposit in the bones to trigger cancer.


      Strontium carbonate, among other things, is used for manufacturing ferrite


magnets that serve to extract strontium ferrite. Its main application is the production


of glass for cathode ray tubes, better known as (color) television tubes. Since


strontium carbonate has a relatively large atomic radius, it absorbs the X-radiation


that occurs in the tubes. Through addition of SrCO3 and other compounds, the X-


radiation disappears almost completely. It is due to today’s LCD and plasma


screens, however, that the production of cathode ray tubes is more and more


decreasing. Strontium carbonate is also used in glazings. Pyrotechnics rely on the


chromophoric salts of strontium to give flames their crimson color.



Item specification
SrCO3 ≥95%
K ≤0.001%
Na ≤0.000%
Mg ≤0.001%
Fe ≤0.001%
Al ≤0.001%
Ba ≤0.05%
Ca ≤0.05%
Cl ≤0.002%
H2O ≤0.1%

►Types of powder


• Strontium carbonate coarse powder


• Strontium carbonate fine powder


• Strontium carbonate granular


Strontium carbonate standard powder


        Strontium carbonate is the raw material for the production of strontium metal


and other strontium compounds.




 25 kg /bag 





Eye Contact: Immediately flush eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes,


keeping eyelids open. Cold water may be used.


Skin Contact: After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water.


Gently and thoroughly wash the contaminated skin with running water and non-


abrasive soap. Be particularly careful to clean folds, crevices, creases and groin.


Cover the irritated skin with an emollient. If irritation persists, seek medical




Serious Skin Contact: Not available.


Inhalation: Allow the victim to rest in a well ventilated area. Seek immediate


medical attention.


Serious Inhalation: Not available.


Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt


or waistband. If the victim is not breathing, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


Seek immediate medical attention.


Serious Ingestion: Not availab



Handling and Storage Precautions


 No specific safety phrase has been found applicable for this product.


Storage: No specific storage is required.


Use shelves or cabinets sturdy enough to bear the weight of the chemicals.


Be sure that it is not necessary to strain to reach materials, and that shelves are not




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