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White Color Granular Potassium Nitrate KNO3 CAS 7757-79-1

White Color Granular Potassium Nitrate KNO3 CAS 7757-79-1

Granular Potassium Nitrate KNO3

7757-79-1 Potassium Nitrate KNO3

White Color Potassium Nitrate KNO3

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99.4% Min
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Potassium nitrate refers to a chemical fertilizer containing 13.8% nitrogen and 46.6% potassium oxide.Commonly known as fire or soil nitrate.The relative molecular weight was 101.10.It is colorless transparent rhombic crystal or white powder, odorless, non-toxic, salty and cool.Small moisture absorption in the air, not easy to agglomerate.Relative density of 2.019 (16 ° C), melting point is 334 ° C, soluble in water, the solubility increases with temperature increase rapidly.Soluble in liquid ammonia and glycerin, insoluble in anhydrous ethanol and ether.Potassium nitrate is a chlorine-free compound fertilizer with high solubility, and its effective components nitrogen and potassium can be quickly
absorbed by crops without chemical residues.Suitable for vegetables, fruits and flowers, and some chlorine-sensitive crops (e.g.potatoes, strawberries, beans, cabbage, lettuce, peanuts, carrots, Onions, blueberries, tobacco, apricots, grapefruit and avocados).Potassium nitrate is a strong oxidant, and contact with organic matter can cause combustion and explosion.Therefore,
potassium nitrate should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from the fire, heat source.Do not store or transport with
reductants, acids, combustible materials and metal powders.




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Since it is established in 1998 ,Shanghai Yixin Chemical Co.,Ltd. has become a reliable supplier in the field of chemical industry .Currently ,overseas business of our company is composed of two parts basic inorganic raw chemicals and fine chemicals .
We sell inorganic chemicals like following :

Borax ,Boric Acid,Sodium Nitrate,Potassium Nitrate ,Potassium Carbonate,Barium Carbonate,Sodium Fluorosilicate,Potassium Borofluoride .,Aluminium Oxide, Potassium fluorosilicate,

We aim to build a worldwide business ,to provide reliable quality chemicals at competitive price for your needs .we will listen to what do you want and endeavor to achieve it .

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White Color Granular Potassium Nitrate KNO3 CAS 7757-79-1 0





1. Potassium nitrate is mainly used in CRT glass, automotive glass lamp and glass clarifier.
2. Potassium nitrate is used as crops and flowers compound fertilizer and foliar spray fertilizer. Used in fireworks to produce purple sparks. The raw material of black powder such as mine powder, fuse and firecracker.
3. Potassium nitrate is used to produce potassium penicillin, rifampin and other drugs in pharmaceutical industry.
4. Potassium nitrate can be used in cigarette paper production.
5. Potassium nitrate can be used as catalyst and dressing agent.
6. Potassium nitrate can be used in the production of ceramic glaze in ceramic industry. Heat treatment salt bath..


White Color Granular Potassium Nitrate KNO3 CAS 7757-79-1 1

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