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Copper Sulfate Crystals Soluble In Water UN NO 3077

Copper Sulfate Crystals Soluble In Water UN NO 3077

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Product Details
Soluble In Water
Product Name:
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
Storage Temperature:
Room Temperature
3.6 G/cm3
Molecular Formula:
Product Description

Product Description:

Copper Sulfate Crystals is a kind of fertilizer and feed addictives with HS CODE 2833250000, CAS NO 7758-99-8 and UN NO 3077. It is soluble in water, having the form of crystal granular. It contains 98%min Cu and 25%min, with a purity of 98%min.

Copper Sulfate Crystals is widely used as fertilizer and feed addictives, and it is an important raw material in the chemical industry. This product features stable performance and high efficiency, providing the perfect choice for large-scale production.

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  • Product Name: Copper Sulfate Crystals
  • Form: Crystal Granular
  • UN NO: 3077
  • Color: Blue
  • Density: 3.6 G/cm3
  • CAS NO: 7758-99-8
  • Uses: Fertilizer, Feed Addictives

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Grade Agriculture, Industry, Feed
Usage Agricultural Fertilizer, Feed Additives, Textile Mordant, Tanning Leather
UN NO 3077
Form Crystal Granular
CAS NO 7758-99-8
Color Blue
Density 3.6 g/cm3
Product Name Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
Solubility Soluble In Water
Cu Content 98% Min
S Content 25% Min


Yixin Copper Sulfate Crystals (YXC-C03)

Copper Sulfate Crystals, branded as Yixin, is a high-grade industrial and feed product produced in China, with UN NO 3077. It has a 98% minimum copper content and a 25% minimum sulfur content, and is classified under HS CODE 283325000. Yixin Copper Sulfate Crystals come in a bright blue color and have a room temperature storage requirement.

Yixin Copper Sulfate Crystals are a versatile product with a wide range of uses. In agriculture, the crystals can be used for treating various plant diseases, as a soil supplement for copper-deficient soils, and as a fertilizer for alkaline soils. In industry, the crystals are suitable for use in electroplating, in the manufacture of lithopone and other pigments, and in the preparation of wood preservatives. In the feed industry, the crystals are used as a mineral supplement for livestock.

Yixin Copper Sulfate Crystals are highly soluble in water and can easily be mixed with other materials. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications, from agricultural to industrial and feed production.


Copper Sulfate Crystals

Brand Name: Yixin
Model Number: YXC-C03
Place of Origin: CHINA
Form: Crystal Granular
HS CODE : 2833250000
UN NO : 3077
Solubility: Soluble In Water
Color: Blue

Yixin Copper Sulfate Crystals are ideal for fertilizer, feed addictives, and other agricultural uses. Our Copper Sulfate Crystals are of high purity and uniform crystal size, making them perfect for use in a variety of applications.

Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Copper Sulfate Crystals:

We provide technical support and service for Copper Sulfate Crystals, such as:

  • Help customers find the best product that meets their needs
  • Provide detailed information about product characteristics and applications
  • Answer any questions about the product
  • Help customers optimize the usage of the product
  • Provide technical support for product applications
  • Provide timely maintenance and repair services

Packing and Shipping:

Copper Sulfate Crystals Packaging and Shipping:

The copper sulfate crystals should be packaged in a clean, dry, air-tight container. The container should be labeled with the product name and expiration date. If the copper sulfate crystals are being shipped internationally, the container must be made of material that is approved for international shipping. The container should also be marked with the correct shipping information, such as the destination address, sender address, and tracking number. Finally, the container should be placed in a box with cushioning material to protect it during transit.


Q1: What is Copper Sulfate Crystals?
A1: Copper Sulfate Crystals is a chemical compound with the formula CuSO4. It is produced by Yixin with model number YXC-C03, and is origin from CHINA.
Q2: What is the purpose of Copper Sulfate Crystals?
A2: Copper Sulfate Crystals is mainly used as a herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide. It is also used to grow crystals as a fun science experiment.
Q3: Are Copper Sulfate Crystals safe?
A3: Copper Sulfate Crystals can be toxic if ingested in large quantities, so it should be handled with care and kept out of reach of children.
Q4: How to store Copper Sulfate Crystals?
A4: Copper Sulfate Crystals should be stored in a cool, dry area, away from sunlight or other sources of heat.
Q5: What is the shelf life of Copper Sulfate Crystals?
A5: Copper Sulfate Crystals has an indefinite shelf life when stored properly.


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