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Detergent Industry Anhydrous Borax Powder 99.9% Purity Na2B4O7 Granular

Detergent Industry Anhydrous Borax Powder 99.9% Purity Na2B4O7 Granular

Detergent Industry Anhydrous Borax

Na2B4O7 Anhydrous Borax

Granular Anhydrous Borax

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Product Details
Product Description

99.9% Industry grade Na2B4O7 pure  borax powder CAS

NO1330-43-3 use for detergent and  glass making



    Anhydrous borax is also called  borax, dehydrated borax,pyrobor,  it's an


important compound because it can be used to produce sodium borohydride which


is one of the best chemicals that carry hydrogen and releases hydrogen upon


hydrolysis. In addition, a product processing unit based on the method of powder


atomization is designed and manufactured. After manufacturing works, a set of


experiments is performed and anhydrous borax is produced.


   As a result, anhydrous borax (Na2B4O7) is obtained including the following


constituents as mass percentages; 68% B2O3 and 30% Na2O. The difficulties in


the post-processing stage are overcome by the use of powder atomization unit and


in the mean time, continuity in production is also established.




►Chemical & Physical Information


Chemical name Borax Anhydrous 
Type of chemical Ionic compound (salt)
Chemical formula Na2B4O7
CAS number 1330-43-4 (anhydrous)
Density 1.73 g·cm3
Molar mass 201.22 g·mol
Melting point 741 °C
Boiling point 300 °C
Soluble Not in alcohol and ether
Solubility (water, 20 °C) 27 g·L Borax solubility graph.(anhydrous)
Crystal system Monoclinic
Appearance White crystalline solid
Colour White
Safety summary Harmful
Safety data MSDS 









































►How it came 




  1. Anhydrous borax is made by burning or fusing hydrated borax. It thus contains


little or no water of crystallization (conversation ratio of .53 compared to hydrated


decahydrate borax) and does not rehydrate under normal storage conditions.


Anhydrous borax is water soluble, but considerably less so than raw borax (in


aqueous solution it can provide slow release of boron).

   2.This material does not puff or swell during melting (minimizing loss of powder in


kilns with strong drafts), and melts easier (the swelling in other forms can create a


porous state with an insulation factor that slows melting). Anhydrous borax is an


excellent glass former, it does not puff or swell during melting thus fewer production


problems result.

   3. This material is used as a source of B2O3 in the manufacture of many different


types of borosilicate glass, including heat and chemical resistant glasses,


illumination glasses, optical lenses, medical and cosmetic containers, hollow


microspheres and glass beads. It has a higher bulk density and melts more rapidly


than raw forms of borax. It also provides a source of sodium.






1. Glass making .


2. As an all purpose cleaning agent.


3. For the Bathroom and Kitchen.


4. As an insecticide - for flees,cockroaches and ants sprinkle Borax on dog beds,


carpets, and other areas where you suspect that fleas are hatching.


5. Mould Inhibitor.


6. Borax is an essential plant mineral.


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