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MnSO4 H2O Manganese Sulfate Powder For Medicine Paint Dyeing Feed Mineral Processing

MnSO4 H2O Manganese Sulfate Powder For Medicine Paint Dyeing Feed Mineral Processing

MnSO4 H2O Powder

Medicine Manganese Sulfate Powder

Dyeing Manganese Sulfate Powder

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Product Details
Payment Term:
100% TT
HS Code:
Storage Temperature:
Room Temperature
Molecular Formula:
2.6 G/cm3
CAS Number:
Soluble In Water
Zinc Sulfate
Product Description

Product Description:

Manganese Sulfate Powder is a light pink powder with a density of 2.6 G/cm3. It is stored at room temperature and comes in a 25kg package. Manganese Sulfate Powder is the monohydrate form of Manganese Sulfate, with a CAS number of 10034-96-5. It is soluble in water and is mainly used as a fertilizer and for animal feed. Furthermore, it can be used in the manufacture of dyes and in the production of textiles. Due to its high purity, it is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.



  • Product Name: Manganese Sulfate Powder
  • Form: Light Pink Powder
  • Application: Fertilizer, Medicine, Paint, Papermaking, Ceramics, Printing And Dyeing, Feed, Mineral Processing
  • Name: Manganese Sulfate monohydrate
  • Density: 2.6 G/cm3
  • CAS Number: 10034-96-5
  • HS CODE: 2833299090
  • Grade: Agriculture grade

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Payment term 100% TT
Application Fertilizer, Medicine, Paint, Papermaking, Ceramics, Printing And Dyeing, Feed, Mineral Processing
Product Name Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
HS code 2833299090
CAS Number 10034-96-5
Loading 24tons With Pallet
Name Zinc Sulfate
Density 2.6 G/cm3
Solubility Soluble In Water
Appearance Light Pink Powder


Yixin's Manganese Sulfate Powder, also known as YXC-M01, is a monohydrate with CAS NO 10034-96-5 and molecular formula MnSO4.H2O. This product has a loading capacity of 24 tons with pallet and a density of 2.6 g/cm3. It is widely used in fertilizer, medicine, paint, papermaking, ceramics, printing and dyeing, feed, and mineral processing. This product is of high quality and has a reliable performance due to Yixin's brand reputation. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and high-quality product.



Yixin Manganese Sulfate Powder:

  • Brand Name: Yixin
  • Model Number: YXC-M01
  • Place of Origin: CHINA
  • Molecular Formula: MnSO4.H2O
  • Form: Light Pink Powder
  • HS code : 2833299090
  • Product Name: Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate
  • Name : Zinc Sulfate
  • Purity: 98%
  • Grade: Agriculture Grade

Support and Services:

Manganese Sulfate Powder technical support and service includes:

  • Providing advice and guidance on the use of the product
  • Answering any questions about the product
  • Assistance with installation issues
  • Troubleshooting any problems with the product
  • Providing updates on new product features and enhancements
  • Assistance with product customization
  • Providing technical support over the phone or through email

Packing and Shipping:

Manganese Sulfate Powder Packaging and Shipping:

Manganese sulfate powder is typically packaged in 25 kg bags, although other packaging options are available. It is important to ensure that the packaging is moisture-proof to protect the powder from humidity. The bags should be securely sealed and labeled clearly to identify the product.

The shipping of manganese sulfate powder should be done in accordance with government regulations. The powder should be transported in a closed container to prevent any spills or contamination. The temperature of the container should be monitored regularly to ensure that it is within the specified temperature range.



Q1: What is Manganese Sulfate Powder?

A1: Manganese Sulfate Powder is an inorganic compound with the formula MnSO4. It is produced by Yixin, with the brand name of Yixin and the model number of YXC-M01, and it is originated from China.

Q2: What are the properties of Manganese Sulfate Powder?

A2: Manganese Sulfate Powder is a white crystalline solid. It is soluble in water, and it is odourless and tasteless.

Q3: What are the applications of Manganese Sulfate Powder?

A3: Manganese Sulfate Powder is mainly used as a source of manganese in fertilizers and animal feed. It is also used as a precursor to other manganese compounds and as a reagent in organic synthesis.

Q4: How should I store Manganese Sulfate Powder?

A4: Manganese Sulfate Powder should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Q5: What is the shelf life of Manganese Sulfate Powder?

A5: The shelf life of Manganese Sulfate Powder is two years when stored properly.

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