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White Sodium Tetraborate Boric Acid For Antifreeze / Adhesive Borax Pentahydrate

White Sodium Tetraborate Boric Acid For Antifreeze / Adhesive Borax Pentahydrate

organic borax powder

sodium tetraborate pentahydrate

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Product Details
White Granular Or Crystal Granular
Glass ,ceramic Glaze
Product Description


Na2B4O7.5H2O white borax pentahydrate granular has big useful


in antifreeze and adhesive








  Borax Pentahydrate comprises of 5 mol water. It is stated also as sodium


tetraborate pentahydrate, disodium tetraborate pentahydrate, borax 5 mole. Borax


Pentahydrate, chemical formula is Na2B4O7.5H2O, is white, odorless and granular.


 Consists of white crystalline granules or powder. It is mildly alkaline in solution. The


advantages of this material vs. the decahydrate form lie in the lower transportation,


handling and storage costs of a more concentrated product. 74.6 lb. of this material


are equivalent to 100 lb. of decahydrate.          



►Chemical & Physical Information



Chemical name borax pentahydrate
Type of chemical Ionic compound (salt)
Chemical formula Na2B4O7.5H2O
CAS number 12179-04-3
Density 1MIN
Molar mass 291.35 g·mol
Soluble Not in alcohol and ether
Crystal system Monoclinic
Appearance White crystalline solid
Colour White
Safety summary Harmful
Safety data MSDS 














































Borax is also used as anti-freeze additive mixture to prevent corrosion in cooling


systems of vehicles.




In arranging viscosity of starchy adhesives and in solvent of casein adhesives,


Borax Pentahydrate is used.


Leatherworking On leatherworking


Borax Pentahydrate is used as lime expectorant.








        While  borax is a natural ingredient, it's still toxic, and should be


kept out of reach of children and pets.


      If you use it to make your own products, be sure to label the containers with


all of the ingredients, just in case there's ever an accidental ingestion. You may


know what's in your concoction, but other people in your household may not.


     Treat borax with the same care that you would any other cleaning product,


and you shouldn't have any problems.




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30% T/T ,70% paid against copy B/L .

White Sodium Tetraborate Boric Acid For Antifreeze / Adhesive Borax Pentahydrate 0



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